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The Gritti and Riva Story

By: Mario Chessa

What brought the Gritti Palace and the Riva brand together? Simple; the conviction that there are huge benefits for both from creating a partnership.

Would a nautical brand not be interested in displaying one of its yachts in front of one of the most renowned luxury hotels and having the guests of this same hotel to experience a cruise in the most gorgeous setting, being Venice? Of course, because it allows tapping into a potential new customer base and enhances the visibility of its brand in an organic way.

What drives a hotel to collaborate with a prestigious nautical brand such as Riva is; other than the association with one of the world’s top brands, enhancing its own brand, it allows the hotel to offer a unique guest experience to its guests.

In addition to the aforementioned motivation and benefits, many more advantages are to be highlighted as they allow for;

  • Leveraging on one another’s market reach, both being in the luxury space
  • Using one another’s ‘forte’ and reach; as an example; by promoting this unique guest experience on and off line, the Gritti will simultaneously create awareness for Riva whilst at the same time offering a completely unique experience to its guests.
  • Offering a value added experience to completely differentiate from the competition
  • Increase sales for both partners along with additional custom packages sales
  • Increment suite price since a potential yacht owner can afford a luxury accommodation
  • Create something the competition does not have and that would be difficult to duplicate

In short, Ferretti Group now goes beyond traditional channels like boat shows or nautical database sales whilst having a live dynamic showroom in picturesque Venice Italy that’s attracting a completely new database of potential customers. The Gritti then taps into Nautical activities, a select luxury customer base, offers an experience unlike any other hotel in Venice and has new experience packages to offer to its potential customers.