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Simplicity. Innovation. Authenticity.

Our Logo speaks volumes

WHY the Capovolto as our logo? The Capovolto is a symbol dating back from the Neolithic Age. It symbolized an ‘upside down being’ This reflects the way we believe things should be looked at; from the other person, company’s perspective, not from one’s own. This is a focal point of our company. Our primary markets: Hospitality, Nautical, Luxury consumer goods, Gastronomy, Private Jetting, and Government, often have a common problem; most businesses stick to the traditional point of view, especially in marketing.

WHY do most businesses stick to the usual?

Because outside the box can be a scary place!

That is WHY today’s most innovative companies are those who are willing to go beyond the traditional channels and bath in the more powerful yet unchartered ‘unconventional’

WHY are traditional channels just not ok?

Because just ‘ok’ is insufficient for further growth

A company or brand should always look for improvement;

  • Improvement in how it is perceived
  • Improvement in customer reach, new channels bring new customer base
  • Improvement in its product and the way that product is being displayed

Improvement through innovation comes from new perspectives…

EXAMPLE: let’s take Apple as an example. When nearly bankrupt, Steve Jobs a true visionary, brought forth a new innovative product which created a new market and since their continued marketing efforts are all about re-enforcing their brands and create an enormous sense of belonging to the brand. That’s a come from behind win in our book!

WHY use Chessa Connect for the purpose of growing your business and enhancing your brand?

Chessa Connect masterfully helps companies identify ways to go beyond traditional marketing channels, extend its reach to new customers, identifying other industries to collaborate and build brand perception/awareness through innovative partnerships.

WHY go cross industry?

Diversity. Partnering up with other industries means having others take an ‘uncontaminated look’ at your business and vice versa to ultimately uncover opportunities to work together. Flip your stale perspective on its head.

A lot of people may aspire to own your branded wares and you are not reaching them today. Cross industry partnerships are an enormous opportunity from a brand enhancement and growth point of view. Reaching customers you can ONLY reach if you go beyond your own industry.

WHY leverage on your suppliers?

A supplier should be more than a company you just purchase goods from. As an example:

A supplier might be interested to tap into your customer base on a much broader level! Hotel companies working with local suppliers might offer them the possibility to extend their reach by sponsoring activities well beyond the local market. Or vice versa, a hotel might be interested to tap into the database of its own suppliers by tagging in to their marketing activities, such as customer events. Food suppliers, soap suppliers, financial suppliers, all of them will somehow have an interest in your customer base and at the same time you could tap into their database. It’s all about broadening reach and also have cost savings. Win, win.

Ok, Ok but back to the beginning, WHY again? Simple example:

If you can afford a 5 million dollar yacht you qualify to be a customer for pretty much every luxury brand.

A traditional activity for a Nautical business is a boat show. Integrate that “Show” into a “Hospitality experience” and you’ve grown your customer visibility exponentially whilst erasing that old sterile static feel which ultimately creates more conversions in sales. That statement refers to both the nautical business and the hospitality partner.

Ok so WHY Chessa Connect again?

We are experts in connecting the dots, the industries. Whether its Hospitality, Nautical business, Luxury Goods or even Government. Our expertise and enormous network brings the whole of the Luxury segment together.

Diversity is the key to success; as in people, as in working with other companies leading to innovative ideas and initiatives leading to growth.

What about E- MARKETING?

How do you reach those that want to BELONG to your brand? You use a virtual on line world to enlarge this TRIBE, this COMMUNITY

Strive to duplicate the organic human experience in a DIGITAL space. Simple.



3 brands come together in a destination to cross promote and they are all that much more successful working together. What does that, as a by product, do for the destination itself? It increases the destination awareness and positive perception. IE: Destination Marketing. Chessa Connect simply connects yet another dot to include a 4th or 5th partner which would be the government or another interested business to capitalize on the new organic destination growth. Only adding more strength to the original 3. And so on and so on. Pretty simple right?

That, world, is WHY.

Industries we connect

Hospitality, Nautical, Luxury Consumer Goods, Gastronomy, Automotive, Private Jetting, Government, Art and others…